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Tips for Hiring Sewer Main Contractors

Anyone working on a sewer main needs to be properly licensed. Since the contractor is dealing with raw sewage, he or she will often be required to have HazMat training. To find a full list of licenses that are required by your local government, visit your building inspector or code enforcement office. These offices will be able to provide you with a listing of necessary permits and licenses that contractors need to operate within the law.

Never use a sewer main contractor that works alone or with one other person. You do not want to have an understaffed crew doing your sewer work for you. Less staff means that the job will take longer to complete. Crews of three or more workers are generally preferable.

You should always look for online reviews of any contractor you consider hiring. If the contractor has local references, then these are a great thing to have on your side. You are able to actually contact local references to ask for a reasonable assessment of the contractor. This is much better than a review online that could be written by anyone.

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