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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Build a Retaining Wall

Find out if the contractor used prefabricated retaining walls or if the contractor uses custom-made walls. Prefabricated walls could work perfectly well for many different home situations. However, properties with more unique needs should always hire contractors that can make custom retaining walls to suit those needs.

Retaining wall contractors need to be licensed at the state level and often at the local level. Building a retaining wall that can actually last against the constant push of earth is difficult work. There are many licensing levels that these professionals need to attain. Take the time to ensure your contractor is properly licensed.

Find the appropriate retaining wall contractor for the scope of your retaining wall needs. There are many different uses for retaining walls and many different sizes of retaining walls. Garden retaining walls can be constructed by just about anyone. However, larger retaining walls that are used to hold back hillsides require much more refined skills.

Get a quote ahead of time and see if you can get it in writing. This will remove any confusion over how much you are expecting to pay.

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