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Tips for Hiring Basement Waterproofing Contractors

Always check for current licensing whenever you consult with a basement waterproofing contractor. These jobs are large and often require the use of specialized equipment. If the contractor is licensed, then you can be sure that he or she is fully qualified and capable of handling the job. Also, contractors without proper licensing are not legal for you to use on your home.

Ask if they can give you an estimate of what the job would cost. Most contractors can easily do this by going out to your home and looking at your basement. If you are talking to a contractor who is unwilling to do this, then you should move on to another contractor.

Always make sure that the contractor does background checks on everyone he or she employs. These waterproofing jobs are big and a single contractor cannot do all the work alone. Since you cannot feasibly follow workers around your basement all day, it is very important that you know all workers are screened.

Only work with contractors that guarantee their work. This way, any failures in the waterproofing will be handled quickly and without extra cost.

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