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Tips for Hiring Foundation Waterproofing Contractors

Get an estimate on the longevity of the waterproofing treatment used by the contractor before you hire him or her. No waterproofing treatment of a foundation is permanent. You will have to redo the waterproofing again in the future. It can be helpful to know which contractor will provide you with the greatest amount of protection over the longest amount of time.

Find out what type of excavation equipment will be used by the contractor to expose the foundation. This is a very delicate operation and you should not hire a contractor using excessively large earth-moving equipment.

Try to only use contractors that guarantee the work that they do for you. Foundation waterproofing is time consuming, expensive, and very inconvenient. If the waterproofing fails, you need to be sure that you won't incur large expenses as a result of calling the contractor back out to your home. A guarantee of labor and materials is a fairly common expectation for clients to have of contractors they hire.

Make sure the contractor you hire has a significant level of insurance. If he or she makes any big mistakes while digging, your foundation could be significantly damaged. You need to know that you are protected if this happens.

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