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Tips for Hiring CADD Contractors

Look for educational qualifications every time you interview a CADD contractor. CADD is not a simple process that can be easily learned in someone's spare time. Therefore, it is important to only use CADD contractors that have actual paper credentials.

CADD is used in many different industries from materials fabrication to home building. The sensibilities used in one industry will not necessarily translate into another. This means that you should only consider working with CADD contractors that have actual experience in the types of projects you're hiring for.

Always decide on your architect or construction crew before hiring your CADD contractor. This way, you can run sample drawings past the architect or construction crew and see if they can easily read them. Some CADD contractors are sloppier than others.

Look for a portfolio from every CADD contractor you consider hiring. A portfolio is the best way for you to tell the skill of the contractor and the quality of his or her work. This is especially true with CADD because you are much more interested in the design skill of the contractor.

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