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Tips for Hiring Concrete Foundation Repair Contractors

Repairing concrete foundations is a specialized job that requires proper licensing. Local government authorities dictate different licensing criteria from industry to industry. Stop by your local government offices to learn about the local licenses that you should look for with any concrete foundation repair contractor.

Get a time estimate from the contractor along with a price estimate. This is important because repairing a concrete foundation can be very time-consuming work. You want to know that you won't be stuck with contractors working on your foundation for a ridiculous amount of time.

Once you have your time and cost estimates, write up a simple contract that lays all of these things out in black and white. The contract is important for more than just protecting yourself from legal or financial issues. It is also an important tool used between clients and contractors to ensure that there are no grey areas.

Always select concrete foundation repair contractors on the basis of skill and experience. Never try to get by with a bargain contractor for something as important as your foundation. Saving a little money now is not worth the potential fortune you could spend repairing poor work later.

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