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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Build a Vinyl Fence

Ensure your contractor has experience with installing vinyl fencing. This type of fencing is not installed the same way as a metal or wood fence. It generally comes in panels and your contractor needs to be experienced with this exact type of fencing material.

Ask what type of equipment your contractor has on hand to complete the job. The most common tool used to dig post holes for vinyl fence posts is a diesel auger. An auger can make short work out of a post hole and can end up saving you money. If your contractor starts talking about using post hole diggers, then you may want to look for another contractor.

You may be asked to pay a deposit before the contractor will start working. This is a normal requirement that most fencing contractors will ask for. Though it is a standard request, you should never be willing to pay more than 25 per cent as a deposit on the work. No reputable contractor will expect you to pay more than this.

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