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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Build a Shed or Barn

Ensure the contractor is licensed to build structures of that size in your state. Sheds over a certain size are required to have a building permit and need to be built by licensed contractors. This obviously applies to anything bigger like barns. You will often need to prove that you are using a licensed contractor to get the permit to build a larger shed.

Find a contractor with experience making the type of shed you need. Many people neglect to realize that a shed can come in many different styles. Prefabricated sheds can be put up by just about anyone. However, custom sheds and barns require a contractor that is accustomed to building from scratch.

Ask the contractor for some references. The references are better if they are local because you may be able to go see the work for yourself. If you can't find local references for the contractor, then you may be able to find reviews online. Whichever route you take, you should never make a final decision on a contractor before hearing what others are saying about him or her.

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