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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Build a Skylight

Ensure that the contractor you hire has a reasonable level of insurance before he or she gets to work. The installation of a skylight presents the possibility of damage occurring to your roof or inner ceiling. If your contractor has a decent level of insurance, then you are more likely to be financially safe if he or she makes a mistake.

Reviews or references are essential for any professional you hire to work on your roof for you. Even small mistakes during construction can develop into enormous problems over time. A bad seal in your skylight could lead to a rotted or waterlogged ceiling that could cost you thousands. If your contractor has good reviews, then you don't have to worry as much about these issues.

Try to find a contractor that is willing to guarantee his or her work for a certain amount of time. The industry standard is one year, but some contractors are willing to guarantee their work for longer. This guarantee is essentially a working agreement from the contractor. It states that he or she will fix any faults in the construction within a set amount of time.

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