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Tips for Hiring Contractors for a Patio Enclosure

Make sure your contractor is licensed to work in your state. Some structures, including patio enclosures, are legally required to be built by licensed professional contractors. The size requirements will vary from state to state, but all states have some type of licensing requirement.

Ensure you get an estimate from the contractor. Nearly any contractor will be willing to provide you with a simple estimate of the final project cost. If the contractor is unwilling to do this, then he or she may not be experienced enough to handle your work.

Many contractors will ask their clients to provide a deposit for larger construction projects. This is a very reasonable request on the part of the contractor which you should be willing to honor. However, you should never feel compelled to provide more than 25 per cent of the estimate as a deposit. This is more than enough for your contractor to get started on any patio enclosure project.

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