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ESFS provides stone countertop quotes in the shortest amount of time possible. Simply fill in the easy to use form and it will automatically be sent to local pre-approved companies in your area who will then provide you with cost estimates for countertops. All you have to do is choose the right quote for your needs at a competitive price. You will be surprised how much you can save with ESFS!

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Tips for Hiring Contractors for a Stone Countertop

Your contractor should have some demonstrated masonry experience in his or her background. Stone countertops can be unwieldy and difficult to install. Contractors with more experience will be able to handle this installation with much more ease and efficiency. Any experience claimed by your contractor should be checked. References are a common way that people check the history of their contractors.

Get a full estimate before you hire the contractor. This estimate should give you a flexible estimate of the material cost of the countertop. It should also give you a reasonably static estimate of labor costs. Experienced contractors should be able to easily determine how long a job will take. This means labor costs should not be allowed to move very much during the project.

You and your contractor should write up an informal contract. This contract will clearly outline the extent of the work, the time-frame of the project, the estimated cost, and the payment terms. This document will go a long way toward reducing the potential for errors in communication. In the end, it can make the whole process much more efficient.

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