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ESFS provides concrete stamping & coloring quotes in the shortest amount of time possible. Simply fill in the easy to use form and it will automatically be sent to local pre-approved companies in your area who will then provide you with cost estimates for concrete contractors. All you have to do is choose the right quote for your needs at a competitive price. You will be surprised how much you can save with ESFS!

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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Concrete Stamping & Coloring

Due to the difficulty of concrete finishing, you should only hire a contractor with demonstrated experience. Stamping and coloring of concrete is one of the more sensitive aspects of laying concrete. If it is done improperly, then you may end up with uneven or oddly-colored concrete. This is why you should only consider hiring contractors with a demonstrated knowledge of concrete finishing.

Try to only hire contractors with references. Local references are always the best if you want to learn about the contractor before hiring him or her. Most contractors can project an image of themselves that shows confidence, skill, and experience. However, you can never be completely sure of whether or not you're getting the full picture. When you contact references, you will be learning about the skill, professionalism, and experience of the contractor before hiring.

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