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ESFS provides brick wall quotes in the shortest amount of time possible. Simply fill in the easy to use form and it will automatically be sent to local pre-approved companies in your area who will then provide you with cost estimates for stone walls. All you have to do is choose the right quote for your needs at a competitive price. You will be surprised how much you can save with ESFS!

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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Build Brick or Stone Walls

Finding a contractor to construct a wall for you from masonry materials will require you to find someone with a lot of experience. A lot can go wrong very quickly when it comes to stone, brick or block walls. Aside from the obvious physical dangers presented by an uninsured masonry contractor, any mistake made in the building process can require the wall to be completely redone. Take the time to find a contractor who has demonstrable experience with this type of work and who knows exactly how to give you the wall that you need.

This leads into the importance of verifying the qualifications of any contractor you consider hiring for this type of work. You should find out what the local licensing requirements are for this type of contract work and then make sure your potential contractor meets all of those standards. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can also ask about where the contractor did his or her apprenticeship. Becoming a stone mason generally requires years of apprenticeship before someone can become qualified to work on their own. Any legitimate contractor should feel perfectly happy talking about these things with you.

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