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ESFS provides concrete flatwork quotes in the shortest amount of time possible. Simply fill in the easy to use form and it will automatically be sent to local pre-approved companies in your area who will then provide you with cost estimates for concrete contractors. All you have to do is choose the right quote for your needs at a competitive price. You will be surprised how much you can save with ESFS!

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Tips for Contractors for Concrete Flatwork

Only hire licensed contractors. Most state governments closely regulate the concrete contracting industry. This is because concrete contractors are often involved with work that can affect the structural stability of a building. You never want to take a risk on an unlicensed contractor. If something goes wrong, most states don't provide you with any legal recourse to get back at an unlicensed contractor.

You should always get references for any company you want to hire for concrete work. This is especially true when it comes to concrete flatwork. This work is very specialized and concrete finishers need to go through a lot of training to do it properly. If you hire someone that is not experienced enough, your concrete could end up uneven, pitted, and looking generally sub-par.

Only hire contractors that have a high level of insurance. In ads, contractors will generally say that they are "bonded." This means that they are insured against most common issues that can arise on a job site. Insurance will protect you from being liable for any repair work that needs to be done if the contractor makes a mistake.

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