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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Lawn Sprinkler Repair

If you had the sprinklers installed, your best bet for repair work is to hire the person who originally installed them. The contractor that installed the sprinklers will have a much easier time with repair work than other contractors. Also, he or she may be willing to offer you a discount on repair calls for their own work.

If you didn't hire the original contractor who installed the sprinklers, you will need to find a contractor with excellent references. Repairing the sprinklers is not necessarily a very difficult task. However, sprinkler repair work often requires contractors to rip up parts of your lawn to get to faulty piping. Hiring a contractor with great references is a great way to find a contractor that will intelligently pull up sod only when needed.

Get an estimate for your repair work before you hire the contractor. Since the scope of the issue may not be apparent to a contractor before starting work, it is important that you remain flexible. A contractor could quote you one price, but then realize that the damage is far worse than he or she previously thought.

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