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Tips for Hiring Contractors for a Lawn Sprinkler

Make sure your contractor has experience with plumbing. Installing a sprinkler system is a very involved process that requires a significant level of skill. This is especially true for automated sprinkler systems. Ask your contractor if he or she has experience with plumbing before you hire him or her.

Ensure you know what type of piping is used by the contractor. Many people use sprinklers to water gardens every night. Some people worry that certain materials used to manufacture pipes can spread carcinogenic chemicals over food plants. If you are worried about this, talk with your contractor about your sprinkler piping options.

Ask your contractor for a quote before he or she starts to do work. If you pay the contractor by the hour, think about things that could potentially make the job take longer to complete. For example, a soil laden with large amounts of clay can be more difficult to work through and make the job take longer.

Make sure your contractor is using up to date mechanisms in the sprinklers he or she installs. Newer mechanisms conserve more water and ensure it is more intelligently used.

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