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Lawn & Garden

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Lawn and Garden Contractors are responsible for performing all services intended to provide basic lawn care. These professional are responsible for providing in-depth services for planning and installing lawn and garden irrigation systems, shrubs, water features, trees, lawns, walkways, retaining walls, decks, arbors, and many other features around private and public properties which are intended to increase the visual appeal, comfort, and value of the property pertaining to these features. Lawn and Garden Contractors are also known as landscaping construction professionals, landscaping contractors, landscape gardeners, landscapers, and landscape contracting professionals.

Lawn & Garden
Qualifications and Licensing Bodies for Lawn and Garden Contractors

In order to advertise, secure, or perform contracting services as a lawn and garden contractor an individual must obtain a contracting license within their respective state. Some states require the lawn and garden contractor to have an independent contractor's license and the business as a whole must also be a licensed entity. The only exception to the lawn and garden contractor's license is an entity that provides just lawn and garden maintenance services.

In order to gain a lawn and garden contractor's license an individual must complete a minimal amount of hours of services under the direction of a licensed landscaping contractor or for a licensed landscaping company. The amount of time required for adequate experience depends on the specific state in which the individual lives and performs the services. This amount of time can range from a few months to a few years.

Anyone that is trying to obtain a lawn and garden contractor's license must also complete formal training at an accredited college, university, or trade program. Once a degree in the field of lawn and gardening is obtained the individual must then complete a competency test to show that they have gained all of the knowledge, skills, and understanding of the lawn and garden servicing field. With a satisfactory score on the competency test the individual can then fill out an application for a lawn and garden contractor's license. With the application the individual must also submit a licensing fee to the licensing board within their state. The amount of the fee depends on what the state sets in place for obtaining the lawn and garden contractor's license.

What to be Aware of When Hiring a Lawn and Garden Contractor

Before you secure the services of any specific lawn and garden contractor there are some qualifications that you should ensure that the contractor possesses. These contractors are required by law to have a contracting license for services that they perform or advertise for compensation. The only exception to this law is a lawn and gardening contractor that only performs maintenance on the lawn and gardening areas around private and public properties.

Any lawn or garden design services that you may want for your home or public property should be conducted by an experienced contractor that has the ability to turn your vision into a reality. The lawn and garden design contractor should be able to provide you with a portfolio of services they have performed for other clients in the area. This will give you the opportunity to see what type of work the contractor can actually deliver for your needs. If the lawn and garden contractor does not share the same vision as you have, do not be afraid to move on to the next contractor on your list.

Professional associations are available for lawn and garden contractors. These organizations track the reputability of the contractor and are able to give you feedback and reviews on the services that the contractor has previously delivered to other clients. These associations also provide the lawn and gardening contractor with field specific information and resources pertaining to the services they offer. Some of the professional services that lawn and garden contractors may choose to join include:
• PLANET - Professional Landcare Network
• APLD - Association of Professional Landscape Designers
• Landscape Contractors Association
• Professional Lawn Care Association of America
• Associated Landscape Contractors of America

Keep Your Project on Track

Ensure that you provide the contractor with a clear vision of what you want performed around your property.

Make sure that communication is always open between you and your contractor.

Ensure that the contractor possesses the right licenses, certifications, insurance, and bonding to guarantee the safety of the investment you make in their products and services.

Never pay more than a 25% deposit for the lawn and garden products or services that you are expecting the contractor to provide for your needs.