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Tips for Hiring Lawn Maintenance Services

Find out what type of equipment is used by the lawn maintenance contractor. Larger lawns require more expensive equipment than smaller lawns do. If your contractor only uses push mowers, you may end up paying significantly more money for his or her services with a large lawn. However, this type of equipment may be optimal for smaller lawns.

Ask the contractor for references. Online reviews are also helpful if you can't find any local people that have used the contractor. However, local references are absolutely the most useful thing you can find. They will provide you with a better idea of how your landscaping contractor acts while on the job.

Find out if the landscaping contractor bills by the hour or by the visit. For standard visits that involve basic mowing and lawn clearing, most contractors will offer you a "per visit" fee. This will be the same every time he or she comes to your home for scheduled work. However, other contractors will only bill by the hour. This can get costly over time.

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