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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Repair Wood Siding

Find past customers who have had their wood siding repaired. Ask who they recommend. Your local siding retailer may know the names of qualified siding repair contractors.

Compile a list of possible siding repair contractors and get references from each of them. Interview all the references.

Ask each contractor to examine the siding needing the repair. Ask if repairs can be done to the present siding or if that needs to be removed and all new siding put on the building.

Get estimates from all contractors remaining on your list. Be sure the estimates are for the same type of repair and for the same material.

Use either a signed work order or a signed contract to detail the work to be done, the date the work will start, the total costs of the project, the material to be used and when they estimate the work will be completed.

If siding is to be removed, be sure the work order or contract includes hauling away the old siding and cleanup of the work area.

Depending on the extent of work, a bond may be necessary.

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