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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Sump Pumps

Find a contractor that specializes in foundation waterproofing to look at your foundation drains. These drains do not operate in the same way as normal drains do, so you shouldn't just hire a plumber. You should always hire a professional with experience in foundation waterproofing when it comes to foundation drains.

Try to find a contractor that has the ability to cut piping to size on site. This is much more convenient than working with a contractor that can only take measurements on site. With the widespread use of PVC piping in foundation drains, most contractors are now able to provide this convenience.

Get a quote from the contractor before you allow him or her to get started on your drains. Many people underestimate how high the hourly wage is for contractors like this. If you're not careful, you could end up getting a much higher bill than you budgeted for.

If possible, try to find a contractor who is able to give you a realistic estimate of how well your foundation waterproofing is holding up. This is a great opportunity to see how much longer your current waterproofing can last.

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