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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Stucco Siding

Only work with contractors that are licensed to work in your state. This is especially true if you plan on having natural stucco siding installed over synthetic stucco. Natural stucco is far more susceptible to weather damage than most types of siding. This means that you need to take extra care when getting it installed. Always hire licensed contractors that can prove their credentials.

Get an estimate for your siding job before anyone gets to work. You want to have some idea of what you will be paying when the job is finished. Any reputable contractor will be able to look at your home and give you a rough estimate. If you want something more in-depth, ask your contractor if he or she can oblige you.

You should be willing to pay a deposit on the work before your contractor gets started. This is a way for your contractor to be protected from less scrupulous clients. If you are asked for a deposit, do not take it as a slight. However, you should never pay more than 25 or 30 per cent of the total estimated cost of the job.

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