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Tips for Hiring a Tile Cleaning Service

You should only hire a cleaning service that has experience with cleaning tile. Tile can be a very sensitive thing to clean and can be very susceptible to damage and scraping. Your company should have experience cleaning the specific type of tile you need cleaned. If not, inexperienced workers could do more damage than good to your tile floors or walls.

Get an estimate for the job before you hire anyone. This doesn't have to be anything very in-depth. All it needs to be is a general estimation of how much the company will charge you at the end of the job. You should also see if the cleaning company you hire will be expecting some form of deposit.

If the cleaning company asks for a deposit, you should be willing to pay up to 25 per cent. Asking for a deposit is standard practice in most industries. It is especially common when a company or contractor is dealing with a new client. However, you shouldn't be willing to pay more than 25 per cent. This is more than enough to get any contractor working.

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