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Tips for Hiring a Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning Service

You should always have a set of local references for any upholstery cleaning service you use. Furniture can be a very delicate thing to clean safely, so references that can back up a job well-done are very important. This becomes especially true when it comes to antique furniture and upholstery.

Look for a cleaning service that can give you a solid estimate. It is usually possible to get a lower price with even the best upholstery cleaning services if you shop around a bit. Use the estimates of one cleaning service as leverage to get a better price from other cleaning services.

Once you decide on a cleaning service, you should write out a contract with the company that sets out what services you expect. This will help eliminate any confusion and make your needs very clear to the service. If you are charged for a service that was not a part of your contracted agreement, then you will have recourse when you reject payment for that item.

Always make sure that your cleaning service hires people that have undergone a thorough background check.

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