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Tips for Hiring a Deck Cleaning Service

Make sure the cleaning service knows how to properly clean the material that your deck is made out of. Decks are built out of many different types of materials and use many different types of finishes. These different materials and finishes require the application of appropriate cleaning chemicals to reduce the risk of damage.

Make sure you get a solid estimate on the job before you definitively settle on a cleaning service. The amount of money that you spend on a deck cleaning will vary widely depending on how much you need cleaned. This doesn't simply refer to basic square footage. It also refers to whether you have banisters or steps that need to be cleaned. These areas require a little more labor to clean, which can raise the price of your deck cleaning.

Find out if the cleaning service offers you any other incentives to get your deck washed by them. Some cleaning services will offer a package that includes refinishing of your deck. This can save you money if you only have your deck cleaned once a year.

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