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Tips for Hiring Designers for Space Planning

Discuss the natural limitations of your space such as poor lighting, drafts, or excessive noise so they can be addressed in potential design proposals.

Be clear about your goals. Are you trying to maximize living space, increase storage space or expand into the yard by encouraging outside living? Tell the designer how you use the space so the design can work for you.

Discuss budget. If cost is an issue ask the designer is there are any parts of the project that can be done beforehand to save money. Removing old cabinets yourself, emptying a room of furniture or purchasing storage cabinets or bins second-hand can help cut down on costs.

Ask to see a portfolio of past designs. View before and after photos for an idea of the type of work you can expect on your space.

Sign a contract for the job before work starts. Address such issues as time line, budget, and making changes to the project after work begins.

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