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Tips for Hiring an Interior Decorator

Most people have definite color scheme preferences. You do not need an interior decorator whose color scheme preferences are the opposite to what you would choose. Even the color choices in their clothing will help you decide.

Decide on which areas you want decorated. Make sure you limit any potential interior decorator to just those areas when estimates are taken. Be vocal about your budget and stay within it.

Some retailers have lists of interior decorators, newspaper ads carry that information and the internet may be a source for making your long list.

As you begin to shorten your list, ask specific questions. How many projects has each one completed? Will they furnish pictures of those projects? Will the pictures include the total costs and the time consumed to get the results pictured?

Professional interior decorators will have many wise suggestions that will help you decide how you want the project to proceed. Choosing the right decorator will make all the difference. Take your time in choosing.

It is a very good idea to have a signed contract stating inspection rights, total costs, color scheme, start-end dates and payment specifics. Avoid advance payments if at all possible.

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