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Tips for Hiring Building Designers

You are not the only one that needs to be satisfied with the design of your building. Unless this building is rural and is set apart from all other buildings, you need to consider codes, neighbors and space limitations. A good building designer will do these things and will satisfy your needs also.

Let all possible designers know your budget limitations. Take them to look over the property and let them know how you will be using the building.

Narrow down your potential list to only building designers who are willing to work within your budget and time constraints.

It is important to be able to communicate with the designer you choose. If you have any personality conflicts before you have signed a contract, be sure to choose another designer.

Experience is important. From your short list, visit sites of buildings they have designed. If possible, tour the buildings. All designers are artists in their own right. Their tastes and your tastes may not coincide.

Estimates are good, but the final document needs to be a specific contract. It should include all costs, start-end dates, change order processing and payment specifics.

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