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Tips for Hiring HVAC Contractors for Heat Pump Repair

Try to hire the contractor who originally installed the heat pump. If the heat pump was recently installed, then the contractor may come out and work on the pump for free as a work guarantee. If the pump was not recently installed, then the original contractor will be in a better position to fix the problem than a new contractor would be.

If you can't get the original installer, then you should contact local HVAC contractors with experience in energy efficient equipment. A regular HVAC contractor may not have the experience or knowledge it takes to properly fix a heat pump. You should only hire contractors who have experience with energy efficient equipment if your heat pump needs to be repaired.

Try to find a contractor who will offer you some type of guarantee on his or her work. This way, you will be protected if the repair job wasn't good enough the first time around. If the contractor guarantees his or her work, then he or she will come out to fix any mistakes free of charge. Try to get this guarantee in writing if at all possible.

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