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HVAC contractors are responsible for performing repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement services for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems within a building. Depending on the specific geographical location within the country where you are located, you will find that the HVAC contractors may specialize in different types of services within this field.

Certification and Licensing Requirements for a HVAC Contractor

In order to perform any type of contracting services for the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems within a building an individual must first obtain their HVAC Contractor's license from the respective state in which they plan to perform their services. Obtaining an HVAC Contractor's license has many requirements.

First, an individual who is planning on working in the HVAC field as a contractor must hold a high school diploma or general education certificate. Taking part in high school level courses such as math, physics, mechanical drawing, and electronics can greatly help an individual that wants to pursue a career in the HVAC industry.

A secondary education or training program is the next step to obtaining an HVAC Contractor's license. You will find these programs available at most community colleges, major universities, or technical schools around the country. It is necessary to obtain passing grades in all course work in order to earn a degree in the HVAC field.

In most states once an individual has earned a degree in the HVAC service industry they must take part in an apprentice program. This stage will provide the individual with many hours of hands on training working under a licensed HVAC technician. Only after a certain amount of hours in an apprenticeship program can an individual take their HVAC Contractor's exam. This test will prove that the individual has the safety, skills, and understanding of the HVAC systems out there to ensure that the buildings in which they service HVAC systems will be safe and secure. Upon satisfactory completion of this test the individual will be able to fill out an application and pay a fee to obtain a license in their state.

When you are seeking an HVAC Contractor to perform services for your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems there are some qualifications that you will want to look for. A reputable HVAC Contractor must first possess a license specific to the state in which the services will be performed. This license will provide you with the proof necessary to be comfortable knowing that the services delivered to you meet all codes and regulations in your area. With the serious nature of HVAC systems this is an important factor for ensuring that your home, commercial property or industrial facilities will be safe after the services are completed.

An HVAC Contractor is required to have a certain level of liability insurance coverage as well. The amount of coverage can vary from state to state throughout the country. Belonging to HVAC associations or organizations is an important qualification you will want to look for also. Having memberships in professional organizations will give you the ability to conduct accurate searches on the reputability of the services the contractor delivers. Some of the more common HVAC associations found throughout the United States include:

• ACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America
• BBB - Better Business Bureau
• American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
• American Society of Mechanical Engineers
• National Societies of Professional Engineers

What to Be Aware of When Hiring a HVAC Contractor

Whenever you are seeking the services of an HVAC Contractor there are some things that you should look for before entering into any binding contract. The contractor should be able to demonstrate that they have as much experience in the service industry that they claim by providing you with information pertaining to national organizations in which they belong, previous client information, and a clear track record of services delivered throughout the area. These professionals should also be able to give you the confidence in knowing that all employees that are on their team are licensed, certified, insured, bonded, security check and background checked for your safety and security.

Each contractor should have the ability to provide their clients with a full detail of products and services which will be needed to properly complete any HVAC service that the individual is seeking. This estimate should be in writing so that if the contractor fails to deliver on time or within a specific budget agreed upon you can file for compensation.

Keep Your Project on Track

Always conduct thorough searches on the work ethics of the contractor before signing any binding contracts.

Ask to see the Contractor's license and insurance coverage before the start of a project.

Never pay hefty upfront deposits for services the contractor is hired to perform as they can fail to finish the project they are hired to complete.

Communicate with the Contractor as this is the best way to ensure that they can provide you with satisfaction for the HVAC services you are seeking.