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Tips for Hiring HVAC Contractors to Install Radiator and Boiler Heating

Your list of HVAC contractors that are experienced at installing radiator and boiler heating may be small. Be sure they are very experienced. References are particularly important when considering this type of HVAC contractor. You may be able to get lists from trade unions, general contractors or the Better Business Bureau.

Ask the HVAC contractors if they are willing to come to your building and give you an estimate. Does the HVAC contractor offer a warranty for their work? Does the boiler they have chosen carry a warranty? Will there be additional plumbing charges? For initial installs where this type of system was not in the original plans, this is a given. For replacement installs, this may not be necessary.

Does the contractor carry good insurance? Will your building insurance cover this type of heating? What is the additional cost to you? Do not hire any contractor that is not willing to sign a detailed contract for this type of work.

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