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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Window Replacement

Ask your contractor if he or she has any references before you make your decision. Window installation is a very technical process that requires a contractor to have significant experience. The best way to gauge the talents of a contractor you've never worked with before is to look at past work. References could be the key to helping you decide on a contractor.

Only hire a contractor that has a reasonably high level of insurance coverage. Lots of things can go wrong during a window installation due to avoidable and unavoidable issues. If your contractor has a high level of insurance, then you can be sure that the cost of any necessary repairs or fixes won't be forced upon you.

Find out if your contractor is LEED certified. As well as being better for the environment, LEED certified builders are able to put in windows that can significantly increase your energy efficiency. This means you'll be paying less on heating and cooling throughout the year.

Get an estimate from the contractor before you make a decision. Putting in windows can be very expensive and you need to know what to expect in terms of pricing.

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