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Tips for Hiring Contractors for a Shower Surround & Bathtub Liner

You need to make sure you are dealing with a licensed contractor. Installing a shower surround or a bathtub liner is something that can greatly impact the habitability of your home if a mistake is made. Poorly installed liners and surrounds can lead to significant rotting and mold build-up in your walls. Contractors are licensed by the state to help protect you from hiring someone with dangerously little knowledge. Never hire an unlicensed contractor for work like this.

Find a contractor who has references to show you. References are the best way to learn about a contractor before you spend any money on him or her. If possible, you should find local references who are willing to talk with you on the phone about the contractor. By using references, you could be saving yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration.

You should try to get estimates from many different contractors before you settle on one. If you have ten contractors giving you estimates, then you will have ten opportunities to get a lower price. You may even find that contractors are willing to offer you lower prices when they know you're shopping around.

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