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The new pool remodeling quote service from ESFS provides you with the convenience of filling in one simple form to get competitive estimates for pool renovation from pre-approved companies in your area. Simply fill in the form and your requirements will be submitted to several home remodeling companies, all you have do is choose the best one. You can count on ESFS for Easy, Simple, Fast Service. Get quotes today!

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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Pool Remodeling

Only hire remodeling contractors that have experience working with pools. Due to the unique problems presented by pools, not all contractors are qualified to do remodeling work on them. Look for contractors that have a reasonable level of experience and confidence working with pools.

Ask for an estimate before work begins. If possible, ask for an estimate from many contractors. This will provide you with more options and a greater opportunity for savings. The estimate will also give you a point to bargain from when you do decide on a remodeling contractor.

Write out a simple contract that describes the job in full. If you are doing a large remodeling job using a few different contractors, then this contract is especially important. The contract will lay down the responsibilities of all parties in black and white. Contractors will know what you expect them to accomplish, and you will be fully aware of the contractor's payment terms.

Try to find contractors that have a background in design. This can be very helpful with any remodeling job you contract out for. It becomes especially important when you need pool remodeling services.

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