Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

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Every homeowner that considers the option of remodeling around their home has a unique idea of what the finished project will provide for them. For many homeowners, they feel that home remodeling projects will offer them more energy efficiency, increased comfort and space, improved and updated appearance, and an increase in the value of their home. This is no small feat to accomplish. Home Remodeling Contractors can provide the services necessary to help the homeowner achieve their desired results. Some of the more common services that home remodeling contractors perform in and around the home include:

Home Remodeling

Qualifications and Licensing Bodies for Home Remodeling Contractors

Home remodeling contractors are required to be licensed and certified through their respective state. These professionals must provide proof that they understand all rules, regulations, and codes set in place by federal, state, and local governing boards that monitor this area of service. By ensuring that home remodeling contractors understand these rules, regulations, and codes, homeowners will be able to have the confidence that their home will be safe for those that live and utilize the property.

When you make plans to hire a home remodeling contractor there are certain required documents that these professionals should be able to provide to you if asked. All home remodeling contractors are required to possess a certain level of training and knowledge in the specialty area of services that they offer. These professionals should be able to provide you with their certification or license through the state in which they conduct their services. All home remodeling contractors that perform services for profit are expected to carry a level of insurance that will ensure that their clients' property is protected in the event that something may go wrong causing damage to the home or injuries anyone occupying the premises.

There are certain associations that home remodeling contractors can choose to obtain membership through to provide their clients with the ability to research the contractor's level of competency and delivered services. Some of the national trade associations that a home remodeling contractor can choose to gain membership to include:

• NARI or National Association of the Remodeling Industry
• National Kitchen and Bath Association
• NAHB or National Association of Home Builders
• Remodeling Contractors Association

These national trade organizations provide services to track the work ethics that a home remodeling contractor practices within their company. Potential clients can contact the national trade organization that a specific home remodeling contractor has membership with to find out if any claims have been made against the contractor concerning poor workmanship, bad customer service, property damage, or failure to honor warranties.

What to be Aware of When Hiring a Home Remodeling Contractor

When hiring a home remodeling contractor there are certain things that a homeowner should be aware of. Not all contractors are capable of complete a home remodeling project on their own. If the home remodeling contractor lacks skills such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, or other such service they may need to hire subcontractors to assist with the project so that maximum satisfaction is delivered for the particular home remodeling results the homeowner is seeking. When subcontractors are hired this means that additional expenses can be incurred that were not originally discussed in the estimate. This is something that should be discussed prior to signing any contract of service with the contractor.

Ensuring that the home remodeling contractor possesses the proper licensing, insurance, bonding, and credentials should always be a priority before securing services with any single company or entity. By having proof that the contractor has all of these protective features in place points to the fact that the contractor understands the serious nature of their services. Liability when performing services should always be placed on the home remodeling contractor that is secured for the job.

Keep Your Project on Track

Always contact available home trade associations where the contract maintains their members to track their work history.

Have a signed contract in place that secures the exact costs, type of work, completion date, and warranty that you were offered when hiring the contractor before work begins.

Ask for references to previous clients in the area who have had their home remodeling services completed by the contractor. Most previous clients will answer questions as to their satisfaction with the company when their own home remodeling projects were completed.

Never pay a deposit of more than 25% on any home remodeling services you are seeking before they are completed. While most people want to trust their home remodeling contractor, there are some individuals that will never show up again once they receive large deposit amounts.

Ensure that the home remodeling contractor is licensed and certified to operate in your state. While most home remodeling contractors around the country possess the same qualifications gained through their training, not all individuals understand the rules, regulations and codes in place in other states than that in which they were licensed and trained.