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Tips for Hiring a Handyman

You should make sure the handyman is qualified to perform the jobs you want him to perform. For example, some advanced construction projects in your yard or home may require special licensing. Without that licensing, a handyman cannot legally perform these tasks for you in most states.

You should always learn about the background of any handyman you consider hiring. You trust a handyman to do a number of things around private areas around your home. Often, you leave the handyman alone to do his work or are home alone with him. It only makes sense to look into his background if you have the ability. This can be as simple as asking for some references from previous employers. This can go a long way toward helping you understand the handyman you're dealing with.

You should get a quote from the handyman before each job you hire him for. Don't simply assume that you're going to get a reasonable rate for each job. You need to know ahead of time what the job is going to cost you and if there will be any material costs associated with the project.

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