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Tips for Hiring Contractors to Repair Dry Rot Damage

When dry rot is discovered in your home, it's important for you to take immediate steps to fix it. Dry rot can have a definite impact on the stability and safety of your home, so you need a contractor who understands how to repair dry rot safely and efficiently.

The first thing you should look for is a contractor who has insurance. Depending on where the dry rot is, the contractor may have to do an extensive repair job. You want to be protected from any eventuality that could arise from this type of work. Any experienced contractor will have some form of insurance and some local governments mandate a specific amount the contractor must have. Check with your local government offices to learn about specific requirements for contractors in your area.

Getting a quote will help you by narrowing your choices down to contractors who work within your budget. When you accept the quote, you should be prepared to provide the contractor with a deposit of around 25%. This is a very common practice when it comes to repairing dry rot since it protects the contractor from having to work out of pocket.

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