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Tips for Hiring Contractors for Carpet Repair

Make sure the carpet repair contractor is able to match your current carpet with any new carpet he or she needs to lay. Some sections of your carpet may need to be removed if there is substantial damage. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to pay for a whole new carpet. A skilled repair contractor should be able to cut out the damaged spots and replace them with new, matching carpet.

Walk the contractor through your home and show him or her what you need. This will allow the contractor to give you a real estimate on how much the job will cost. Without this estimate, you won't know what to financially prepare yourself for.

Ask if the contractor has any references, carpet repair work requires some finesse and skill. The point is to make your carpet look uniform and attractive. References will give you a solid understanding of how skilled a contractor is before you make your final decision.

If a contractor asks for a deposit, never pay more than 25 or 30 per cent. This amount should be more than enough to get the contractor moving and you should never be pressured into paying more.

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