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Home Services

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Home Service Contractors provide a broad range of services which are intended to improve on the look, feel, and satisfaction in which you experience within your home. There are many areas of specialty services which fall within the category of home services that you may be seeking.

Home Services

With this being a broad service area the type of contractor in which you would contact depends solely on the projects and services you want completed around your home or business property. However when it comes to the business ethics in which the contractor works under the standards, regulations, and hiring practices are quite similar.

Certification and Licensing Requirements for Home Service Contractors

Not everyone that works within a home services field as a contractor or technician is required to obtain a specific contractor's license or certification. However, these professionals do need to obtain a business license to provide services to clients for some form of payment or compensation in all states throughout the country.

While every state throughout the United States has different codes, regulations, and laws in place monitoring the business licensing process in which people in the state must follow in order to obtain a license for their company there are some things that are quite similar across the board. Individuals must pass a series of background and security clearance checks in order to obtain their business license in the home services industry. These clearance checks include a criminal history report, credit check, criminal history check, previous business and employment verification process, and legal reports check. Having these background and security clearance checks completed will provide individuals seeking the services the expert offers with an easier feeling for their safety and well-being while the services are being completed.

In order to obtain a business license to work independently within the home services industry, the individual must complete an application for their license through their respective state's Department of Licenses and Businesses Board. There is a fee that is determined by each state that must be submitted with the application for the home services business license as well.

What to Look for in a Home Services Contractor

While it may seem as though home services are quite varied, the process in which you will get the best results from the home services contractor or technician you hire is the same. These individuals should be able to provide you with proof their competency to perform the services they advertise. This is done in a few different ways including providing you with a list of previous clients they have completed services for, years of experience in which they have worked in the respective field they claim to have expert knowledge in, and professional associations in which they belong to.

All home service providers are required to carry some form of liability and worker's compensation insurance when they advertise their services. It is also acceptable to work for an insured home services company that holds the insurance coverage on the products and services delivered to a client. However before you secure the services of a specific company to complete the home services you are seeking it is a good idea to visually see the insurance coverage policies, business license, and any type of bond coverage the company holds beforehand.

Professional associations are available that offer home service contractors with the ability to obtain an accredited membership. These organizations monitor the business practices of the contractor and are able to provide individuals seeking services from the contractor with the opportunity to learn about any claims filed against the contractor for their workmanship practices, business ethics, and reputability within the service industry in which they perform their work. Some of the more common professional associations for home services contractors include:

• Nexstar Network
• Building Service Contractors Association International
• Better Business Bureau
• Mechanical Contractors of America
• National Home Improvement Council

Keep You Project on Track

Always verify the information the contractor provides you with. This can include the business license of the contractor, insurance coverage of the company, previous clients that have had work done by the contractor, and even legal records that may be on file within your area with your local court records department.

Have an estimate for products and services prior to the start of any project the contractor is hired to complete for you. This will provide you with valuable proof should the contractor fail to deliver safe, dependable, and beneficial services that you are seeking.

Ask for referrals from friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers when you are seeking a home services contractor for your service needs.

Keep all records that you are provided with by the contractor for the life of the products and services they deliver for you. This will allow you with proof should you need to file any type of compensation claim for faulty products or services that did not last throughout any warranty time period.

Always communicate with your home services contractor so that they have a clear understanding of what you expect for your products and service needs.