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Tips for Hiring Electricians for a Home Energy Audit

You should only hire electricians who have demonstrated experience with independent energy audits. The term "independent" energy audit is used for a very specific reason. There are many efficiency supply companies operating energy audit companies. These audit companies go out to the home of a customer and run through a laundry list of upgrades the customer should buy. These upgrades are all generally sold by the parent company, and these unscrupulous auditors should be avoided. You should make sure you only hire an independent electrician to do your energy audit.

Find an electrician who can assist you in meeting the goals laid out in your energy audit. Audits are meant to provide you with a set of actionable steps for you to take toward energy efficiency. If you get the audit from an electrician trained in energy efficiency, then you may be able to save a lot of time when meeting those goals.

Energy audits are most commonly price as a whole job. There is usually a standard fee that electricians charge for an audit like this. If the electrician tries to push a lot of labor costs on you, you should hire someone else.

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