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Tips for Hiring a Carpenter for Carpentry Framing

It is absolutely essential that you find a carpenter that has very good insurance. There are a lot of opportunities for mistakes to be made during a big carpentry framing job. These mistakes can be catastrophic in some cases. If you have a carpenter with great insurance, then you will be better protected if large problems arise.

Find local references for the carpenter. This type of framing is an enormous amount of work that will lay a foundation for a very large project. Due to this importance, it is vital that you find carpenters with a proven background in framing. If a carpenter does not have references, it is not worth the risk.

Local licensing requirements can be very confusing to keep track of. Despite this, it is essential that you find a contractor that has all necessary licenses. Your local building inspector will be able to give you a list of local license requirements that all framing carpenters need to meet. If you fail to check the licensing of the carpenter, then you could potentially be fined for neglect. This will vary from town to town.

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