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Roofing Contractors provide a full range of maintenance, repair, installation, and design services for the roofing system installed on public and private building structures. These professionals are responsible for ensuring that the building structures in which they service are safe, efficient, and appealing for their client's specific needs and requests.

Qualifications and Licensing Practices for Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors play a major role in the air quality which people experience within buildings as well. For example, when ventilation in the roof is not adequately installed or the seams of the roof are not properly sealed, this can cause moisture build-up to occur. This moisture build-up can lead to mold and other microorganism colonies to develop within the building structure causing some people who utilize the building to become susceptible to health ailments including asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, and other bronchial medical conditions. These conditions will not heal even with medical treatment if the microorganisms that cause the condition to be experienced in the first place are not corrected.

In order to advertise, solicit, secure contracts, or use any other means to secure some type of compensation for servicing the roofing system of building structure, an individual must first become certified as a roofing contractor. To become a certified roofing contractor, an individual can choose to obtain training through a university, college or technical school. However, formal training is not necessary as adequate experience can also be obtained by working under a licensed roofing contractor and gaining a specific amount of hours of experience in this field that is required by the respective state in which the individual plans to offer their services.

Individuals who are interested in obtaining their roofing contractor certification must complete a competency examination. This is a test which will determine if the individual possesses the skills, knowledge, and understanding to deliver safe and beneficial roofing services for their clients' needs. Once a satisfactory score has been obtained for the competency test the individual will be certified to perform roofing services under the direction of a licensed roofing contractor. However if the individual wants to start their own business they must apply for a contractor's license within the respective state in which they will perform their services.

To obtain a roofing contractor's license a certified roofer must file an application with their state's Department of Licenses and Regulatory Services. A fee which is decided by each respective state must also be paid at the time the application for a license is submitted. The applicant will go through a series of background and security checks to ensure that they are able to conduct their business at a high level of standards decided by the state.

What to Look for in a Roofing Contractor

When you plan to hire a roofing contractor to perform roofing services around your home, business or other private or public building structure there are some qualifications that you should ensure the contractor meets.

Ask to physically see the roofing contractor's license, liability and worker's compensation insurance, and any other legal requirements for your state that the roofing contractor must possess.

Ask the roofing contractor if they have the ability to perform all roofing services that you are seeking or if they must hire sub-contractors to complete the services for you. If they must hire outside of their company ask questions concerning their ability to verify the safety and background checks of the other contractors.

Ensure that the roofing contractor provides you with a estimate for the roofing products and services that you are seeking. Having a written estimate before the start of the roofing project you will have something to go on should the contractor fail to deliver the services you hire them to complete for you.

Always inquire about professional associations in which the roofing contractor may have a membership. These associations are able to provide you with information concerning the business practices of the roofing contractor. Some of the information you can obtain by contacting these associations include any claims of shotty work provided to their clients, legal actions taken against the contractor, and other such information. Some professional associations that are available throughout the country include:

• National Roofing Contractors Association
• Western States Roofing Contractors Association
• Roofing Contractors Association of California
• Better Business Bureau
• National Federation of Roofing Contractors

Keep Your Project on Track

Always ensure that the roofing contractor is able to provide the services necessary to deliver you with beneficial, safe, and efficient roofing systems.

Never pay more than a 25% retainer fee for services before the roofing project is complete.

Always research the contractor before entering into any binding contract for services you are seeking. This may include contacting associations in which the roofing contractor may belong to, previous clients who received services from the contractor, or the Department of Licenses and Regulatory Services in your state.